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  Zhoushan archipelago is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province. With a long history and rich cultural heritage, Zhoushan is an important tourist resort in China. Due to its unique location and geological characteristics as an archipelago , Zhoushan remains an important gateway for trade.

  With the international transfer of aviation manufacturing industry, Boeing’s delivery center in Asia Pacific region was officially settled in Zhu Jiajian island of Zhoushan. In 2017, Zhoushan aviation industrial park was approved to be established and built into a provincial-level economic development zone by the Zhejiang provincial government.

  Zhoushan aviation industrial park is laid out as ‘one parka and two zones’ within the city with the airplane manufacturing park located in Zhu Jiajian and the parts and components manufacturing park within Zhoushan hi-tech industrial park. The object for the planning is Zhoushan aviation industrial park namely the airplane manufacturing park.

  Layout of the Park Consisting of Two Zones

  Planned Structure: One Core, Four Centers, One Axis and One Belt

  (1)One Core: Boeing Airliner Manufacturing Sector

  Arranged in the southwestern part of the industrial park, the trunk airliner’s general assembly and large component and system integration are serving as the major driver of the park.

  (2)Four Centers: Manufacturing Center, Neighborhood Center, Business Service Center and Operating Support Center.

  The manufacturing center is situated in the reclamation area of southwestern Zhujiajian island. The center is engaged in the aircraft general assembly and system integration for a mid to long term, which will be a key area for future extension of aviation manufacturing.

  The neighborhood center, based on the Shunmu community acts as a community service platform so as to better serve industrial workers and improve the living standard of residents in native communities.

  The business service center is located at the north side of Putuoshan airport, which is the gateway area of the whole plot. The aim is to build the center into a business service platform to provide operating support for general aviation industry.

  The operating support center relies on the existing facilities of Putuoshan airport to develop industries including civil aviation operation support and aircraft maintenance and modification.

  (3)One axis: Aviation Development Axis.

  The aviation industry development axis stretches to the Zhujiajian strait bridge and Putuo sub-center in the new district of Zhoushan islands in the north and manufacturing center in the south connecting Boeing manufacturing area, operation support center and business service center.

(4)One Belt: Coastal Town Development Belt.

  Arranged along the north, west and south of the coastal area, the belt reaches Wusongzhi wharf in the east, international cruise terminal in the south and connects the business service center, neighborhood center and manufacturing center, forming a coastal town development belt with aviation characteristics.

  Structure Map of Development Plan

  Plan for Industrial Function Layout

  (1)Aircraft General Assembly

  Boeing completion and delivery centers were built based on the airport. Part of the current industrial land, land for agriculture and forestry (excluding permanent basic farmland) and southwest reclamation district land are used for future expansion of aircraft general assembly which will cover a total area of 180.5 hectares (excluding land for roads, greening, municipal facilities and that retained status quo).

  (2)Aircraft Main Parts Manufacturing and System Integration

  At the southwest of the airport is located the sector of aircraft main parts manufacturing and system integration with an area of 85 hectares. As a core part supporting the aircraft general assembly, this sector was arranged next to it.

  (3)Aviation Subsidiary Manufacturing

  The aviation subsidiary manufacturing sector is located in the west of the industrial land covering 51.7 hectares. Adjacent to the seawall and tea mountain range this area is relatively isolated with beautiful natural landscape in the surrounding.

  (4)Aviation Operating Services

  The industrial land area of aviation operating service sector is 148.3 hectares (excluding the land for airport runways). Relying on the Putuoshan airport and its surrounding land, supporting industries for the operation of civil aviation and general aviation are developed and the dangerous cargo wharf and aviation fuel warehouse are newly built in the western coastal area to ensure the provision of aviation fuel.

  (5)Aviation Modern Services

  The aviation modern service sector is mainly responsible for providing productive services. The sector is divided into parts which are scattered among other functional sectors with a total area of 87.0 hectares.