Zhoushan aviation industrial park was approved by Zhejiang provincial government in March 2017 as a provincial economic development zone and it is featured by the layout of "one park and two zones" within the China (zhejiang) pilot free trade zone.

  The aircraft manufacturing park is located at Zhu Jiajian and reaches the 329 National Road, Xianglian Road and the Airport Road to the east, the sea wall to the west, Zhu Jiajian Strait Bridge side road to the north and the boundary of Taiwan trade zone to the south with the total planning area of 17.9 square kilometers. The park mainly undertakes such industries as the general assembly of aircraft, large parts and system integration, subsidiary manufacturing, operating services, cultural and creative industries, science and education and modern services.

  The parts and components manufacturing park is located in the Zhoushan high-tech industrial park in the north of Zhoushan island. With a planned area of about 4 square kilometers, the park mainly focuses on the supporting industry of aviation parts and components. The comprehensive bonded zone and airport subzone situated in the aircraft manufacturing park was approved by the state council on September 13, 2017 and officially passed the national acceptance on December 28, 2017.

  The 13th five-year plan for the aviation industry defines the requirements to put large aircraft at the core of aviation industry and director Lin Nianxiu with the national development and reform commission proposed the important positioning of building Zhoushan as a significant aviation manufacturing base in the world. Based on these requirements, significant progress has been achieved: detailed regulatory planning of the aviation industrial park is being revised and improved; the aviation industrial park is expanded to a total area of about 22 square kilometers; industrial functions and spacial layout are being improved for the entry of more industries.

  Going forward, we will take large aircraft as the core while paying attention to navigation aircraft. Capitalizing on the industrial agglomeration effect of Boeing project we are striving for the honor to host Boeing's global supplier conference in Zhoushan and promoting the implementation of associated business and projects set forth in the memorandum of cooperation between national development and reform commission and Boeing company. It is important to speed up the cultivation and growth of an aviation industry cluster featuring the integration of aircraft general assembly, large components assembly, accessories and interior trim parts manufacturing, aviation composite material manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and modification, civil aviation transport, general aviation operation, aircraft leasing and financing, aviation convention and exhibition tourism, aviation logistics, aviation material trading and distribution, aviation training, research and development.