About Zhoushan

Zhoushan is the first prefecture-level city formed by archipelagos enjoying the titles of Buddhist Fairyland and the city of fishing and ports.

Geological location

1Unique Geological Location

Zhoushan is located at a converging point where the golden coast in the east of China and the golden waterway of Yangtze river meet. The port of Zhoushan together with other main ports in the northeastern Asia and western Pacific ocean forms a fan-shaped 500 nautical mile-long shipping network. As a major port connecting the river and ocean transports and a principal gateway seeing Yangtze River running into the sea, Zhoushan is a significant hub for the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative( Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st century Maritime Silk Road) and Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy. There widely spread two metaphors: if the curve of the coast in the east China can be seen as a bow and Yangtze river an arrow, then Zhoushan is the arrowhead shooting into the Pacific and if people liken Yangtze River as a dragon and ShangHai as the head of this dragon on which Zhoushan is a lustrous pearl.

2 Abundant Ocean Resources

Zhoushan port is broad, deep and ice-free with little silt. The port area is endowed with ideal conditions for the construction of deep-water berths and mooring of giant ships. Its deep-water coastline stretches as long as 282 kilometers accounting for nearly one fifth of the total in the country.Six of China's seven coastal international routes pass through Zhoushan port which enjoys unique and unparalleled advantages in developing ports and logistics, marine engineering, large-scale equipment manufacturing and bulk material processing. Zhoushan is also well known for its plentiful fishery resources, wind energy, tidal energy, seabed oil and gas and mineral resources.

3Complete Infrastructure

Zhoushan is vigorously implementing the infrastructure project so that a fast and convenient three-dimensional transportation network of land, sea and air is formed. Since the construction of Zhoushan cross-sea bridge completed, Zhoushan has been a key part of the three-hour economic circle of Yangtze river delta;Construction has begun on Fuchimen bridge, the main passageway of Zhoushan port in Ningbo, which serves as the starting point for a major northbound passage connecting Shanghai. The early work of Yongzhou railway is carried out orderly. The first phase and second phase of mainland water diversion project and 220KV mainland network project have been completed, and the third phase and 500KV project are being planned.

4 Excellent Environment

Zhoushan has a long history, excellent marine scenery, pleasant climate and beautiful environment. It is one of the cities with the best air quality in China. In 2015, Zhoushan led the country in air quality among 74 cities tested by the ministry of environmental protection.

5Sound Supporting Facility

Zhoushan has colleges, universities and scientific research institutes including Ocean College, Zhejiang university, Zhejiang Ocean University, Peking University Institute of Ocean Research, etc. Beside its sound educational system, Zhoushan also boasts superior resources of culture, health and so on, which can efficiently meet the needs of enterprise employment and the schooling and medical care.

Introduction of the Free Trade Zone

Scope of the Free Trade Zone

The free trade pilot area of Zhejiang covers 119.95 square kilometers, consisting of land and related marine anchorage including three areas, namely the 78.98-square-kilometer offshore area of the Zhoushan island ( including the second comprehensive tariff-free zone of the Zhoushan port covering 3.02 square kilometers), the 15.62-square-kilometer northern area of the Zhoushan island (including the first comprehensive tariff-free zone of the Zhoushan port covering 3.02 square kilometers) and the 25.35-square-kilometer southern area of the Zhoushan island. China (Zhejiang) Free Trade Pilot Zone Map ( Covering an area of 119.95 Square Meters )

Strategic Positioning

With institutional innovation at the core and making the pilot zone replicable and promotable as the basic requirements, the pilot free trade zone is expected to be an important demonstration zone for opening up in the eastern region, a pioneering model for international commodity trade liberalization and a resource allocation base with influence worldwide.

Development Objective

After some three years’ reform and exploration, Zhoushan has achieved convenient investment and trade, concentration of high-end industries, sound legal system, complete financial services and efficient regulation system serving as a role model in this field. Zhoushan has gained significant improvement in global allocation of bulk commodities with oil products as the core and initially built up a free trade port area in line with the international standards.

City Identities

Zhejiang Zhoushan Archipelago New Area China’s Fourth State-level New Area
The Seafood Capital of China
The Seafood Capital of China
The National Health City
The Only Famous historic and cultural Island City in China
One of the Top Ten Cities for Clean air in China
One of the Top Ten Leisure Cities with Characteristics in China
Civilized City in Zhejiang Province
The Model City for Environmental Protection in Zhejiang Province
The capital of Fishery in China
National Double Support Model City
Zhejiang Forest City
One of the Top Ten Festival Cities