Institutional Framework

 A.Major Duties 

1.According to the two official documents including the development plan for the Zhejiang Zhoushan archipelago new area and the general plan for the Zhejiang Zhoushan archipelago new area (city) (2012-2030), Zhejiang Zhoushan archipelago new area aviation industrial park administrative committee shall be responsible for organizing and compiling the general development plan and construction plan of the park and implement plans after approval.

2.The committee will study and put forward the development strategy of Zhoushan civil aviation industry, compile the development plan and annual plan for Zhoushan civil aviation industry, formulate plans for the opening and development of the park port and organize and implement plans implementation after they are approved.

3.The committee takes responsibilities of attracting investment, cultivating and developing related industries, giving guidance to enterprise development, monitoring safety production, protecting environment and doing statistics.

4.The committee is responsible for the construction of major projects in the park and pilot free trade zone, examining and checking investment projects according to the purview, constructing and managing infrastructure facilities.

5.The committee takes charge of the finance, auditing and management of state-owned assets, investment and financing of the park.

6. The committee is responsible of aviation management and resource allocation in the airport.

7.The committee is responsible for coordinating and supervising the work by branches or agencies of relevant departments in the park and the work of water supply, power supply, gas supply, communication, finance and other departments (units).

8. The committee is responsible for guiding the party construction, anti-corruption, spiritual civilization and mass organization work in the park.

9. The committee is responsible for undertaking the tasks assigned by the administrative committee of party work of the new district, the administrative committee of the free trade pilot zone, the municipal party committee, the municipal government and other civil aviation departments of higher levels.

 B. The committee structure

According to the duties stated above, there set 6 departments within the committee.

1.The office.

The office is responsible for routine affairs of the committee including party building, anti-corruption, publicity, spiritual civilization construction, mass organization, secretarial work, archives, confidentiality work, information , letters and visits, establishment of the institution, organization of personnel, staffing and policy research. It shall implement the relevant suggestions and proposals from party representatives, NPC representatives and CPPCC members.

The office takes charge of the construction and management of office automation network and e-government work. The office will give support to administrative activities, organize and coordinate major meetings, undertakes external liaison, coordination and reception, assume the contract supervision and legal counsel and implement the demonstration, coordination and handling of legal affairs.

2.Industrial Development Bureau

The Industrial Development Bureau is responsible for formulating, organizing and implementing of economic and industrial development plans and annual plans of the park, cultivating and building aviation industry chain, formulating policies to encourage the development of aviation industry, being entrusted, planning, examining, approving and managing investment projects, serving and managing the aviation industry, doing statistical management and economic situation analysis, providing support for economic trade, scientific researches and environmental protection, applying for and administrating the use of land, supervising and administrating enterprise production safety, studying investment policies, drawing up investment plans and measures, collecting investment information, establishing investment project database and merchants directory database, negotiating and tracking the follow-up work.

The industrial development bureau should also enforce various reform test tasks of the aviation industrial park in the pilot free trade zone, study and formulate development and reform plans, programs and task lists for the development of blocks, carrying out comprehensive supervision of blocks and managing and submitting information properly.

3. Planning and Construction Bureau

Planning and Construction Bureau is responsible for drawing up and carrying out after approval general and detailed plans and other relevant plans of the park construction, managing and guiding the park planning and construction, compiling annual key construction projects and investment plans, organizing government-funded investment projects, managing the construction of municipal facilities and landscaping in the park and coordinating supporting projects of water supply, power supply, gas supply, communication, fire control and transportation.

4. Aviation Administration Bureau

The Aviation Administration Bureau is responsible for studying and putting forward the development strategy for Zhoushan civil aviation industry, compiling and implementing after approval the development plan and annual plan of Zhoushan civil aviation industry, managing and allocating the airport resources, safely operating and supervising the airport.

5.Port Management Bureau

The port management bureau is responsible for drawing up plans for the opening and development of parks and ports and organizing their implementation after approval, studying and putting forward policies for the port customs clearance facilitation, formulating and implementing specific policies, managing and coordinating comprehensive affairs of the port, coordinating and supervising the work of the branches or dispatched agencies of the relevant departments in the park, keeping in the contact with the superior functional departments and participating in the opening of the Putuoshan airport.

6.The Bureau of Finance

The bureau of finance is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the administrative committee's budget and final accounts, supervising and managing all kinds of financial balance of payments, compiling and managing the investment and financing plans of the administrative committee, doing the financial accounting and management of subordinate units, monitoring the implementation of the budget, auditing and supervising the financial revenues and expenditures of its subordinate units and administrating the state-owned assets.

 C. Responsibility of Officials

Li Youguo, secretary of the party group and director, is responsible for guiding the work of the aviation industrial park party group, aviation industrial park administrative committee and leading group of the industrial park comprehensively.

Liu Shengbo, member of the party group and deputy director, is responsible for the daily work of the project construction group , design and implementation of the construction Boeing 737 Completion and Delivery Centers as well as auxiliary projects related to the Boeing project, planning and development of the park. In addition, Liu is in charge of the Planning and Construction Bureau and the project construction group of the Aviation Industrial Park Committee.

Rong Qiyue, member of the party group and deputy director is responsible for airport-related industrial development and operation management, coordination of the airport construction, port opening, airspace protection, and airport area security, etc., He assists in charge of the Aviation Affairs Management Bureau, contacts the port opening team of the Aviation Industrial Park Construction Leading Group, airspace test flight team and Zhoushan Civil Aviation Group Co., Ltd. He also assists in the daily work of the comprehensive supporting group of the Aviation Industrial Park, coordinates and liaises with Zhoushan Boeing Completion Center Co., Ltd. and Zhoushan Boeing Delivery Center Co., Ltd., handles affairs about the Boeing Training Center, International school, expert buildings, and talent policies and helps to manage the comprehensive supporting group of the construction leading group of the Aviation Industrial Park.

Dong Haiming, member of the party group, is responsible for designing and constructing the sealing and supervision facilities at the airport, operating and managing the port affairs and opening to overseas, coordinating and contacting the branches or agencies of relevant departments located in the airport of bonded sub-area, constructing park projects and municipal infrastructure, ensuring the production safety, distributing the land and guaranteeing the land use park engineering construction, safe land and sea area disposal and use. Besides, he also assists in the management of other divisions of the administrative committee.

Wang Huaijin, member of the party group and deputy director, is responsible of the party building, discipline inspection, propaganda, organization of personnel, management of mass league, petitions and visits and spiritual civilization. Wang is responsible for conducting administrative logistics, organization and coordination of major activities. Assisting in charge of the Executive Office, he’s also responsible for contacting the audit group of aviation industrial park leading group for construction and coordinating with Zhoushan Aviation Investment and Development Co., LTD.

Wang Quanzhong, is responsible for financial affairs, audit supervision, management of state-owned assets as well as work related to the party branch and labor union. And he’s also assisting in managing the Finance Bureau.

Wang Haobin, is responsible for economic development, enterprise and project services, science and technology, environmental protection, foreign trade, corporate production safety supervision, investment attraction of the park, project settelements and is assisting in managing Industrial Development Bureau(General Affair Bureau of Aviation Industiral Park in the Free Trade Pilot Zone, Production Safety Supervision and Management Bureau other work Administration, Investment Promotion Center).

Chen Weikang, (enjoying the treatment of a deputy director) assists in charge of airport resource coordination, airport construction, airport safety operation supervision, industrial development, investment promotion, helps to manage the Aviation Affairs Management Bureau and contacts Zhoushan Civil Aviation Group Co., Ltd.